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Nothing on the radio

Christoph Reimann did a one hour radio portrait about four bands from Berlin’s Echtzeitmusik scene. Well, one of them is The International Nothing, otherwise it wouldn’t be mentioned here. The other bands are Activity Center, Obliq and The Astronomical Unit. Christoph did interviews with Burkhard Beins (A.C.), Kai Fagaschinski (T.I.N.), Matthias Müller (T.A.U.) and Hannes Lingens (O.).
The radio show will be broadcasted by DeutschlandRadio on Monday night of October 13th at 0:05 (which is technically of course Tuesday morning of October 14th). It is also available as a stream and can be recorded for later listening (at the same link).

P.S.: It is indeed awkward that a show about bands from the ezm scene pictures only bands with male members, while there are so many strong example of innovative musical statements made by women in this town.

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