Berlin‘s finest in clarinet entertainment since 2000

Klub Katarakt Festival, Hamburg

Yes, we finally made it! I mean anybody can play Portland, Kagoshima or wherever, but playing in Hamburg is quite exotic. On the map it might look kind of close to Berlin and actually the train ride is less than two hours, but somehow there seems to be an invisible border, which kept us away from the fuckin’ Hansestadt. Well, this issue got fixed. We got the chance to play the Klub Katarakt Festival – a relatively young festival that presents a nice blend of comtemporary music with one foot in the academy and the other in the mud. Their former industrial venue Kampnagel with those generous spaces is also quite a treat.
It was a beautiful night … where we achieved to convert a former clarinet hater into a fan of the Nothin’.

photo stolen from: Jann Wilken

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