Berlin‘s finest in clarinet entertainment since 2000

Doubtful informations have been finally carved in vinyl.

We cheerfully announce that finally the vinyl version of our new album In Doubt We Trust is available. Due to the special challenges that our music presents to the needle-read format we had to make a little detour, but the final record is a sonic and optical item of pleasure thanks to Mr. Krieger’s (SST, Frankfurt) vinyl cut and tanabemse’s much praised artwork.

Please now purchase the record on our Bandcamp site.

Soon the LP should be also available at the Ftarri Store (Tokyo) and we might ask some of the few regular distributors if they want to sell some copies as well.

Surveillance cameras of the German secret service caught the delivery of the records. The guy with the pony tail is the anonymous delivery guy. The guy in blue suede short is the right channel clarinet player of The Nothin’.

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