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USA/Canada Tour

We are back from our so far biggest tour as a duo. Within three weeks we visited 10 cities first on the west coast (incl. Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Oakland and San Francisco) and then east coast (incl. Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington DC and New York – the concert in Boston had to be cancelled due to health issues).
The concerts worked very well, we met great people, we experienced sunny spring weather in the west and a snowy onset of winter in the east (which shook our schedule a little bit), we couldn’t be stopped by intrusive customs nor by desease and we lived the high life of the clarinet heroes. Big, big thanks to everyone who set up shows for us or accommodated us: Jeffrey, Gust, Leslie, John, Denney, Jonathan, Fred, Kyle, Matt, Audrey, Dustin, Jesse, Scott, Phill, Margarida, Barry, Keiko, Maria and whoever we have forgotten here.
USA/Canada Tour, San Francico

The International Nothing is making friends with the locals.
(photo: Kai)
USA/Canada Tour, New York

Live at Experimental Intermedia, New York
(photo: Peter Gannushkin /

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