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Composing for 3rd album done

After 3 1/2 years we are done … again … and for the 3rd time. Today we finished our yet untitled 16th composition. It’s also the 6th and final duo composition for our forthcoming third album. For the next few monthes this means practising, practising, practising. Some of the new pieces have been played already a couple of times in concert, while the newer ones still need a lot of playing to get the performance smooth and lively and maybe a little compositional fine tuning. The recordings for the new album we are planning for late summer this year. We hope Ftarri will get the album out by coming winter 2013/2014. Still searching for an album title. Can you imagine Michael refused gourgious title proposals from Kai like The Dark Side Of Success or The Power Of Negative Thinking?

Certain individuals call it scores.

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