Berlin‘s finest in clarinet entertainment since 2000

The International Nothing (… and something) @ ausland

You might not know this, but first time we came together with Eric Schaefer (Berlin, drums) and Christian Weber (Zürich, doublebass) was already in 2006. Back then we met for a week of rehearsals, developed three compositions together and performed them right away at the Labor Sonor series in Berlin. We always wanted to continue this promising project, but for some reason or another it never came true. (Well, actually we meet two years later again, but nothing substancial came out of that. We deleted that episode from our memories.) This time though we approached it a bit different. Michael and Kai not only set up some funding from Konzert des Deutschen Musikrates, but also worked on some compositional sketches beforehand to have something concrete to chew on in quartet constellation. It seems that this has been the right strategy, as within four days we could collectively compose four new pieces and also re-worked the old ones from 2006 a little bit. We premiered the complete program straight away at our 2nd home ausland and recorded the whole thing during the next day at the same place. So we got seven pieces, 40 minutes of music and a quartet album to be released probably in early 2014 by Monotype Records.


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