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Little Swiss tour at the end of the year

Our short swiss tour brought us to Zürich, Bern and Biel, and the first two concerts left some mixed feelings to put it politely, but he final station of our round trip brought us to Biel and this weird and marvellous gallery called lokal-int. The floor was covered with slowly rotting leaves. It smelled like an autumn forest. The atmosphere was cosy punkish and people fucking showed up … and those people were of two-digit amount (!) … and they were listening …. and they all stayed … and everyone talked to us afterwards … and were drinking beer till late in the night together (and Hans Koch entertained us in various ways, among them with his compliment that the concert was boring but beautiful…). That’s the way is suppose to be. That makes sense. Many thanks to Chri, Silber and Gaudenz (even though he was sick and in bed that night)!

Inside is the new outside

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