Berlin‘s finest in clarinet entertainment since 2000

Komponistenforum Mittersill

Mittersill is a little village in the Tyrolean mountains. It’s kind of famous in the new music world for being the place where Anton Webern got shot dead. For some years now the Kofomi, a meeting of composer and performers, is situated in this beautiful surrounding. Working in a workshop situation on music, having lectures and concerts and spending a very good time within this unbelievable landscape with great food on top of it all. We were invited to play a concert in a little charming church. (Can a house of god be charming one may ask? Well, to even out the spirits it’s good to wear a Darkthrone shirt at least.). We were not sure wether we should file it under business trip or holidays, but the combination – you can’t beat it.

(photo by Kurt Hoerbst)

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