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Three Nights of Nothing – celebrating 20 years of The International Nothing

The International Nothing - Berlin’s finest duo force in psycho-acoustic clarinet pleasures - is celebrating its 20th anniversary and invites you to a three-part retrospective. In the course of three full-album performances they will take you on a trip through the evolution of their sound. For each night they invited marvelous guests all the way →

Japan and Taiwan Tour

Concerts at Ftarri Festival/Tokyo and Taiwan Improvised Music Festival/Taipei

Film premiere of “In Trout We Dust” at Diagonale Film Festival in Graz

Dieter Kovačič's chinematic film portrait of The Nothin' held it's official premiere screening at the Diagonale Film Festival in Graz, Austria.

Film sneak preview of dieb13’s “In Trout We Dust” in Vienna

Today we celebrated the finishing of dieb13's movie portrait In Trout We Dust about The Nothin' with a little unofficial sneak preview screening at echoraum, Vienna. The official premiere should follow soon at some film festival. Dieter followed us during the recordings of the "In Doubt We Trust" album, the premiere performance, a tour in France and Switzerland and the →

Nothing in Brazil

Thanks, Goethe! Sometimes life ain't too bad for our desperate clarinet heros. The Nothin' made it for the first time into the southern spheres of this planet. First time South America. First time Brazil. When greyness and coldness hit Berlin the psycho twins pressed the escape button and flew out first to Sao Paulo, from there to Recife and then →

In Doubt We Trust record release concert in Berlin

Slightly delayed we went for our traditional record release concert at our 2nd home (and recording place of our albums) ausland. As the tradition goes Bockwurst and fine Whiskys have been served and DJ Ekkehard Ehlers made the crowd swing their legs after some delicate listening pleasures. As you have seen Thieke and Fagischefsky here more then enough below on the →

Reunion concert of The International Nothing (…and something)

photo (is a still from a video recording) by dieb13 The last concert of the very fine quartet was held in December 2011 (a day before the album recordings) in Berlin. For many years we tried to convince organizers world wide that this isn't rubbish. We failed completely. Now seven year later we set up a home town show and very →

Doubtful informations have been finally carved in vinyl.

We cheerfully announce that finally the vinyl version of our new album In Doubt We Trust is available. Due to the special challenges that our music presents to the needle-read format we had to make a little detour, but the final record is a sonic and optical item of pleasure thanks to Mr. Krieger's (SST, Frankfurt) vinyl cut and tanabemse's →

In Doubt We Trust will be out on February 18th, 2018

Dear believers in nothing, our fourth, respectively fifth (however you count them) album In Doubt We Trust will be out on February 18th. Well, the CD version will be out. The LP will follow with some delay. Check here: In Doubt We Trust by The International Nothing Will be soon available at: Japan Improv (Japan) | Erstdist (US) | Metamkine (Europe)

recording, titling, filming, premiering, releasing, touring

[film still by dieb13 during recording set up at ausland] Shitloads of news from The Nothin'. Let's try to sort this out here. - During three lip-bleeding days - August 22nd to 24th, 2017 - we recorded our new 40 min composition at out homebase ausland, Berlin. - As it seems at the current moment that the new piece (and so also →

Nothing has changed

After two years of withdrawn work we finished our new piece. For the first time we went in for the long run - a ca. 40 minutes long composition, which will be filling our next album and our future concerts. Well, there are a few month of intense work ahead of us to practice the piece and twist on those →

The Power Of Negative Thinking LP finally arrived!

After many month of delay - sorry about that - finally the vinyl version of our 2016 quartet release sees the light of day. Well, it was worth the wait. It looks good, it sounds good, I think you should get it,-) You know were you find it, right?

Pre-production for next duo album at Fagaschefsky Studios

As you may have read before, we are busily working on this new long composition to be premiered sometime somewhere in 2017 and to be released as our next duo album. After 1 1/2 year of developing and collecting ideas we thought it's good to make a kind of inventory by recording and see where we're at. Well, it's seems →

The International Nothing in Amsterdam

When Kai saw Iron Maiden live at the Waldbühne, Berlin in May he was quite jealous about their stage setting. So, we asked artist James Beckett (grandson of the 2nd wife of one's brother-in-law of the half-sister of the famous writer) to come up with a appropriately spectacular stage scenery for The International Nothing's live shows. He came up with →

The Power Of Negative Thinking is unleashed!

Finally the 1st album of our extended incarnation The International Nothing (… and something) featuring Eric Schafer (drums) and Christian Weber (double-bass) sees the light of the day. The Power Of Negative Thinking is out now on CD and as download. The vinyl edition will follow in August 2016. You can listen to the complete album on our bandcamp site: Enjoy the →

Nothing for Nothing

To make life a little easier we proposed for the 2nd time for a stipend of the Berlin Senat to get some financial reward for the busy work on our new piece. Well, we didn't made it ... again. Too bad, but I guess public funding would have harmed our street credibility anyway. But don't misunderstand, we accept money! Well, →

Working on a new piece

After finishing The Dark Side Of Success in early 2013 we took some time of of composing, to prepare the album release and book some shows. Though in March 2015 we started investigating on new sound phenomena again. After working since about 12 years on pieces of durations between 1 ("Dichtung und Wahrheit", 2008) and 13 minutes ("Beat 'Em All", →

It’s there, but you can’t get it … yet.

Finally the album of our quartet extension The International Nothing (... and something) with Christian Weber (double-bass) and Eric Schaefer (drums) entitled The Power Of Negative Thinking is coming its way. We received the CD already, the proceedings for the vinyl production also started. The official release - by the way this time via Monotype Records from Warsaw - will →

16 jahre fest , Vienna

dieb13's platform (data home of this website) celebrates its 16th birthday with a concert gala at Brut Theater in Vienna. First time Kai and Michael went down to Austria for this one and played the opening set of this annually festivity. Lots of old friends joined the party as well like Schnee (Kurzmann/Stangl), Cilantro (Castello/Roisz), Martin Siewert & dieb13 →

La Malterie, Lille

Cave12, Genève

What looks here so unremarkable on the photos, is actually the entrance to a kingdom of pleasures. We played already twice under the wings of Cave12 in Geneva, but this was the first time at their beautiful (inside) and finally permanent and stable residence. A former home for stolen bicycle runned by the police got turned into a venue for →

Klub Katarakt Festival, Hamburg

Yes, we finally made it! I mean anybody can play Portland, Kagoshima or wherever, but playing in Hamburg is quite exotic. On the map it might look kind of close to Berlin and actually the train ride is less than two hours, but somehow there seems to be an invisible border, which kept us away from the fuckin' Hansestadt. Well, →

Bye Bye Japan

Ftarri Festival, Tokyo, day two

Ftarri Festival, Tokyo, day one

Kissa Sakaiki, Tokyo

We took a little break from doing Nothing. So, we meet with some dear Tokyo colleagues and played two improvised duo in separation. Michael did a set with earlier mentioned Morishige Yasumune (cello), while Commander Fagaschinski met the Captain aka Tetuzi Akiyama (guitar).

Airegin, Yokohama

Well, we guess you've seen enough of The Nothin' for a while. So, here is a photo of the duo of Morishige Yasumune and Viennese buddy Matija Schellander. We shared the bill with them at the Airegin Jazz Club in Yokohama. We caught this crazy street art dance performance ... or is it some kind of zen buddhist ceremony?

Candy, Chiba

Nothing in good company at Candy, on the record shelf, on stage with a beautiful solo by Morishige Yasumune and after the show with the Candy family.

space eauuu, Kobe

Common Cafe, Osaka

T-Bone Studio, Osaka

Retroft Chitose, Kagoshima

Things like this can only happen in Japan: So, we played a concert in a bookstore, which also sells kind of german style sausages. Every attendance of the show got a book as a ticket and when you opened the book there were sausage sandwiches inside and all this done in an extremely lovely way. We shared the night with organiser →

New Combo Jazz Inn, Fukuoka

Now we are on the half-island Kyushu and the seldom possibility for the clarinetists to play at a real jazz club. 2nd time for Kai to play the New Combo after his gig there in 2008 with Los Glissandinos. Great Ramen place on the other side of the street, too. Hey Shayne, thanks for setting up the Fukuoka show! Right before →

Beware! It is back.

A being of few words and lesser thoughts.

ftarri man in ftarri land

First stop on our first 12-days Japan tour brought us right into the headquarters of our record label Ftarri. Since 2012 Yoshiyuki is running his small and charming record store where he's hosting frequently concerts as well. Check the Ftarri store website Our enlightened label boss in his kingdom.

Dotolim Seoul – T.I.N. Asia premiere!

On our way to Japan we made a brief stop in Seoul. Music is certainly important, but when you are in Korea food is essential. Here we are dining with the complete improvised music scene from Seoul. Here you can watch part of our duo concert: You can also find clips of Michael improvising with Jin Sangtae & Choi Joonyong und →

Music Unlimited Wels

We been already twice with our experimental pop band The Magic I.D. at the Music Unlimited Festival in Wels, Austria. It isn't an exclusive opinion to call it one of the very greatest festivals around. Every two year they invit a guest curator to program the festival. This year our Magic I.D.'s Christof Kurzmann got the call and he invited →

Zoom In Festival Bern

LEM Festival Barcelona

Nothing @ Musikprotokoll Graz

Nothing @ Transart

After our second concert in Schwaz on sunday morning we crossed the Brenner Pass and played at the beautifully crafted artist’s studio of Hubert Kostner in Castelrotto/Kastelruth in South Tyrol/Italy. The view from stage. And here some video footage from the event:

Nothing @ Klangspuren Schwaz

Two concerts during this great combination of music and hiking along the St. James's Trail in Tyrol/Austria as part of the festival Klangspuren Schwaz. The duo at work.

Nothing @ Expozice nové hudby Festival Brno

After the icehockey-stadium-turned-into-concert-space in Vivtoriaville now back in church, this time in Brno. More churches to come.

Nothing @ Festival de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville

Photo: dieb13 In the news: Nothing @ Victoriaville. In other news: butoh for the ears...

Nothing @ O Tannenbaum

Shortly before O Tannenbaum had to close its space on Sonnenallee, Nothing had the pleasure to play there and enjoy a choice of good belgian beers. Dank u wel, Koen!

Nothing @ Tulkinnanvaraista Helsinki

Dufte concert in Helsinki in the wonderful sounding Viikin Kirkko, thanks a lot to Juho and Vilja from Tulkinnanvaraista! A short video of the concert you find here: P.S.: Please excuse the unturned cross in the background.

Nothing @ Salford Sonic Fusion Festival

The year starts with...

Winter is over…

...time to get the dust off the reeds and prepare for some nice upcoming concerts.

Nothing on the radio

Christoph Reimann did a one hour radio portrait about four bands from Berlin's Echtzeitmusik scene. Well, one of them is The International Nothing, otherwise it wouldn't be mentioned here. The other bands are Activity Center, Obliq and The Astronomical Unit. Christoph did interviews with Burkhard Beins (A.C.), Kai Fagaschinski (T.I.N.), Matthias Müller (T.A.U.) and Hannes Lingens (O.). The radio show will →

All albums now on bandcamp to listen to

We've just put all our three albums on bandcamp: So you can now listen to all our released music online as a stream for free. Also you can purchase the albums through the bandcamp pages directly from us in digital format (flac and/or mp3) or also the CD and LP versions, which include the digital version. Of course the physical copies are →

Seamus Cater & The International Nothing

The Brothers Grim while writing a new song. During summer we worked with Amsterdam-based singer/songwriter Seamus Cater on a collaborational song. The song is called fluorescent. Seamus plays the concertina on it and sings while The International Nothing gave it their siamese twist. We premiered the piece already live at Oh Tannenbaum (Berlin-Neukölln) within a Cater solo show back in August. →

Nothing goes freestyle

Also Andreas "felix" Fellinger interviewed Michael and Kai und wrote a nice 2-page interview article for the July/August edition (#55) of his freiStil magazine. freiStil is a bi-monthly Austrian print magazine in German language. Read ... if you can.

Nothing gets wired

One may argue that The Wire missed its chance to put some handsome clarinet players on their cover ... but maybe it's for the better. Clive Bell wrote a nice 1-page article for the July edition of The Wire (No. 365), accompanied by a photo of Dany Peschl. There is also a page with some selected audio tracks from ' →

Out Now: The Dark Side Of Success

CDs and Vinyls have just reached the Berlin headquarters of The International Nothing. Both editions turned out to be most eye and ears pleasing. The CD comes in that beautiful gatefold cardboard packaging you might know from our two previous albums, while the LP is a fine cut on 140 g vinyl in a inside-out printed jackets, which underlines the →