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archives 2009

Recording of the 2nd album

Two clarinets, 6 microphones, 1 1/2 days, 5 new pieces: On March 23rd and 24th we recorded the five newest pieces, which have been composed between 2006 and beginning of this year. Through recent touring we were well prepared to tape our 2nd album within 1 1/2 days at our favourite hometown venue ausland. The yet untitled album can expect its →


Yesterday we had the opportunity to present our music at the Maerzmusik Festival far away in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. With an intimate light and stage set up and under ideal acoustic curcumstances our extended set seemed to meet the welcoming ears of the audience ... and we were happy. (photo: Boris Baltschun)

USA/Canada Tour

We are back from our so far biggest tour as a duo. Within three weeks we visited 10 cities first on the west coast (incl. Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Oakland and San Francisco) and then east coast (incl. Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington DC and New York - the concert in Boston had to be cancelled due to health issues). The concerts worked very →