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Nothing on the radio

Christoph Reimann did a one hour radio portrait about four bands from Berlin's Echtzeitmusik scene. Well, one of them is The International Nothing, otherwise it wouldn't be mentioned here. The other bands are Activity Center, Obliq and The Astronomical Unit. Christoph did interviews with Burkhard Beins (A.C.), Kai Fagaschinski (T.I.N.), Matthias Müller (T.A.U.) and Hannes Lingens (O.). The radio show will →

All albums now on bandcamp to listen to

We've just put all our three albums on bandcamp: So you can now listen to all our released music online as a stream for free. Also you can purchase the albums through the bandcamp pages directly from us in digital format (flac and/or mp3) or also the CD and LP versions, which include the digital version. Of course the physical copies are →

Seamus Cater & The International Nothing

The Brothers Grim while writing a new song. During summer we worked with Amsterdam-based singer/songwriter Seamus Cater on a collaborational song. The song is called fluorescent. Seamus plays the concertina on it and sings while The International Nothing gave it their siamese twist. We premiered the piece already live at Oh Tannenbaum (Berlin-Neukölln) within a Cater solo show back in August. →

Nothing goes freestyle

Also Andreas "felix" Fellinger interviewed Michael and Kai und wrote a nice 2-page interview article for the July/August edition (#55) of his freiStil magazine. freiStil is a bi-monthly Austrian print magazine in German language. Read ... if you can.

Nothing gets wired

One may argue that The Wire missed its chance to put some handsome clarinet players on their cover ... but maybe it's for the better. Clive Bell wrote a nice 1-page article for the July edition of The Wire (No. 365), accompanied by a photo of Dany Peschl. There is also a page with some selected audio tracks from ' →

Out Now: The Dark Side Of Success

CDs and Vinyls have just reached the Berlin headquarters of The International Nothing. Both editions turned out to be most eye and ears pleasing. The CD comes in that beautiful gatefold cardboard packaging you might know from our two previous albums, while the LP is a fine cut on 140 g vinyl in a inside-out printed jackets, which underlines the →

The Dark Side Of Success is coming soon, in June

So, we are done and the only thing left to do is waiting. Our 3rd album The Dark Side Of Success is delivered to the pressing & printing plants. The test pressings of the vinyl edition sounded beautiful and got confered right to go. Daniel Krieger from SST Brüggemann (Frankfurt) did the delicate cut, while Pallas (Diepholz) took care of the →

Three Nights Of Completely Nothing

A little 3-parted concert series in coming up here in Berlin where we gonna play our complete duo works from 2003 to 2013. Each concert will be devoted to one album release. Heading off at a Labor Sonor Spezial The International Nothing will play Mainstream (Ftarri Records, 2006) on May 4th, followed by the performance of Less Action, Less Excitement, →