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Bye Bye Japan

Ftarri Festival, Tokyo, day two

Ftarri Festival, Tokyo, day one

Kissa Sakaiki, Tokyo

We took a little break from doing Nothing. So, we meet with some dear Tokyo colleagues and played two improvised duo in separation. Michael did a set with earlier mentioned Morishige Yasumune (cello), while Commander Fagaschinski met the Captain aka Tetuzi Akiyama (guitar).

Airegin, Yokohama

Well, we guess you've seen enough of The Nothin' for a while. So, here is a photo of the duo of Morishige Yasumune and Viennese buddy Matija Schellander. We shared the bill with them at the Airegin Jazz Club in Yokohama. We caught this crazy street art dance performance ... or is it some kind of zen buddhist ceremony?

Candy, Chiba

Nothing in good company at Candy, on the record shelf, on stage with a beautiful solo by Morishige Yasumune and after the show with the Candy family.

space eauuu, Kobe

Common Cafe, Osaka

T-Bone Studio, Osaka

Retroft Chitose, Kagoshima

Things like this can only happen in Japan: So, we played a concert in a bookstore, which also sells kind of german style sausages. Every attendance of the show got a book as a ticket and when you opened the book there were sausage sandwiches inside and all this done in an extremely lovely way. We shared the night with organiser →

New Combo Jazz Inn, Fukuoka

Now we are on the half-island Kyushu and the seldom possibility for the clarinetists to play at a real jazz club. 2nd time for Kai to play the New Combo after his gig there in 2008 with Los Glissandinos. Great Ramen place on the other side of the street, too. Hey Shayne, thanks for setting up the Fukuoka show! Right before →

Beware! It is back.

A being of few words and lesser thoughts.

ftarri man in ftarri land

First stop on our first 12-days Japan tour brought us right into the headquarters of our record label Ftarri. Since 2012 Yoshiyuki is running his small and charming record store where he's hosting frequently concerts as well. Check the Ftarri store website Our enlightened label boss in his kingdom.

Dotolim Seoul – T.I.N. Asia premiere!

On our way to Japan we made a brief stop in Seoul. Music is certainly important, but when you are in Korea food is essential. Here we are dining with the complete improvised music scene from Seoul. Here you can watch part of our duo concert: You can also find clips of Michael improvising with Jin Sangtae & Choi Joonyong und →

Music Unlimited Wels

We been already twice with our experimental pop band The Magic I.D. at the Music Unlimited Festival in Wels, Austria. It isn't an exclusive opinion to call it one of the very greatest festivals around. Every two year they invit a guest curator to program the festival. This year our Magic I.D.'s Christof Kurzmann got the call and he invited →

Zoom In Festival Bern

Nothing @ Musikprotokoll Graz

Nothing @ Festival de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville

Photo: dieb13 In the news: Nothing @ Victoriaville. In other news: butoh for the ears...

Nothing @ O Tannenbaum

Shortly before O Tannenbaum had to close its space on Sonnenallee, Nothing had the pleasure to play there and enjoy a choice of good belgian beers. Dank u wel, Koen!

Nothing @ Tulkinnanvaraista Helsinki

Dufte concert in Helsinki in the wonderful sounding Viikin Kirkko, thanks a lot to Juho and Vilja from Tulkinnanvaraista! A short video of the concert you find here: P.S.: Please excuse the unturned cross in the background.

Nothing @ Salford Sonic Fusion Festival

The year starts with...

Winter is over…

...time to get the dust off the reeds and prepare for some nice upcoming concerts.