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The Power Of Negative Thinking is unleashed!

Finally the 1st album of our extended incarnation The International Nothing (… and something) featuring Eric Schafer (drums) and Christian Weber (double-bass) sees the light of the day. The Power Of Negative Thinking is out now on CD and as download. The vinyl edition will follow in August 2016. You can listen to the complete album on our bandcamp site: Enjoy the →

Nothing for Nothing

To make life a little easier we proposed for the 2nd time for a stipend of the Berlin Senat to get some financial reward for the busy work on our new piece. Well, we didn't made it ... again. Too bad, but I guess public funding would have harmed our street credibility anyway. But don't misunderstand, we accept money! Well, →

Working on a new piece

After finishing The Dark Side Of Success in early 2013 we took some time of of composing, to prepare the album release and book some shows. Though in March 2015 we started investigating on new sound phenomena again. After working since about 12 years on pieces of durations between 1 ("Dichtung und Wahrheit", 2008) and 13 minutes ("Beat 'Em All", →

It’s there, but you can’t get it … yet.

Finally the album of our quartet extension The International Nothing (... and something) with Christian Weber (double-bass) and Eric Schaefer (drums) entitled The Power Of Negative Thinking is coming its way. We received the CD already, the proceedings for the vinyl production also started. The official release - by the way this time via Monotype Records from Warsaw - will →

16 jahre fest , Vienna

dieb13's platform (data home of this website) celebrates its 16th birthday with a concert gala at Brut Theater in Vienna. First time Kai and Michael went down to Austria for this one and played the opening set of this annually festivity. Lots of old friends joined the party as well like Schnee (Kurzmann/Stangl), Cilantro (Castello/Roisz), Martin Siewert & dieb13 →

La Malterie, Lille

Cave12, Genève

What looks here so unremarkable on the photos, is actually the entrance to a kingdom of pleasures. We played already twice under the wings of Cave12 in Geneva, but this was the first time at their beautiful (inside) and finally permanent and stable residence. A former home for stolen bicycle runned by the police got turned into a venue for →

Klub Katarakt Festival, Hamburg

Yes, we finally made it! I mean anybody can play Portland, Kagoshima or wherever, but playing in Hamburg is quite exotic. On the map it might look kind of close to Berlin and actually the train ride is less than two hours, but somehow there seems to be an invisible border, which kept us away from the fuckin' Hansestadt. Well, →