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The International Nothing in Amsterdam

When Kai saw Iron Maiden live at the Waldbühne, Berlin in May he was quite jealous about their stage setting. So, we asked artist James Beckett (grandson of the 2nd wife of one’s brother-in-law of the half-sister of the famous writer) to come up with a appropriately spectacular stage scenery for The International Nothing’s live shows. He came up with this smoking castle skeleton you see on the picture. We premiered the lavish production in Amsterdam successfully. When Michael gets his flying licence we gonna tour with this thing in our own private Boing 747 worldwidely. Please check this out in a stadium near by you!

The Power Of Negative Thinking is unleashed!


Finally the 1st album of our extended incarnation The International Nothing (… and something) featuring Eric Schafer (drums) and Christian Weber (double-bass) sees the light of the day. The Power Of Negative Thinking is out now on CD and as download. The vinyl edition will follow in August 2016.

You can listen to the complete album on our bandcamp site:
Enjoy the listening!

You can purchase the album at bandcamp (handled by ourselves), at Monotype Records (our record label) or at Metamkine (official European distributor).

There is also a The International Nothing (… and something) sub page, which provides some information and includes live videos.

Nothing for Nothing

To make life a little easier we proposed for the 2nd time for a stipend of the Berlin Senat to get some financial reward for the busy work on our new piece. Well, we didn’t made it … again. Too bad, but I guess public funding would have harmed our street credibility anyway. But don’t misunderstand, we accept money! Well, next time, any time.

Working on a new piece

After finishing The Dark Side Of Success in early 2013 we took some time of of composing, to prepare the album release and book some shows. Though in March 2015 we started investigating on new sound phenomena again. After working since about 12 years on pieces of durations between 1 (“Dichtung und Wahrheit”, 2008) and 13 minutes (“Beat ‘Em All”, 2010), we decided to approach a long piece, of album respectively concert filling length. Things are working well. The rest on our composition muscles seem to have a refreshing effect. So, withdrawn and steady we are rubbing sounds and ideas against each other. It’s still a long way to go, but we hope to get the piece done in 2017.

It’s there, but you can’t get it … yet.

Finally the album of our quartet extension The International Nothing (… and something) with Christian Weber (double-bass) and Eric Schaefer (drums) entitled The Power Of Negative Thinking is coming its way. We received the CD already, the proceedings for the vinyl production also started. The official release – by the way this time via Monotype Records from Warsaw – will likely happen in June … the LP might need some extra days, but we’ll keep you informed.

16 jahre fest , Vienna

dieb13‘s platform (data home of this website) celebrates its 16th birthday with a concert gala at Brut Theater in Vienna. First time Kai and Michael went down to Austria for this one and played the opening set of this annually festivity. Lots of old friends joined the party as well like Schnee (Kurzmann/Stangl), Cilantro (Castello/Roisz), Martin Siewert & dieb13 and many more. We’ve been far too long away from Vienna.
Unintendedly it felt a bit like the end of a touring cycle. Within the last 12 month The International Nothing played 25 concerts on the northern half of the planet – a density of events like never before and a pleasureful ride. Would be nice to continue the trip, but our empty schedule telling otherwise. This ain’t by purpose.