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Seamus Cater & The International Nothing


The Brothers Grim while writing a new song.

During summer we worked with Amsterdam-based singer/songwriter Seamus Cater on a collaborational song. The song is called fluorescent. Seamus plays the concertina on it and sings while The International Nothing gave it their siamese twist. We premiered the piece already live at Oh Tannenbaum (Berlin-Neukölln) within a Cater solo show back in August. Yesterday we recorded it properly at ausland. The trio piece will be released as a part of Seamus’ forthcoming solo album.

P.S.: In 2012 Seamus released a duo album with percussionist Viljam Nybacka called The Anecdotes, which is extremely recommended to check out:

P.P.S.: In summer 2013 Seamus and Kai started a duo for experimental songs called The Brothers Grim. They did their premiere show this spring at Labor Sonor (Berlin) and they’re working also on a full duo album.

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