Berlin‘s finest in clarinet entertainment since 2000

16 jahre fest , Vienna

dieb13‘s platform (data home of this website) celebrates its 16th birthday with a concert gala at Brut Theater in Vienna. First time Kai and Michael went down to Austria for this one and played the opening set of this annually festivity. Lots of old friends joined the party as well like Schnee (Kurzmann/Stangl), Cilantro (Castello/Roisz), Martin Siewert & dieb13 and many more. We’ve been far too long away from Vienna.
Unintendedly it felt a bit like the end of a touring cycle. Within the last 12 month The International Nothing played 25 concerts on the northern half of the planet – a density of events like never before and a pleasureful ride. Would be nice to continue the trip, but our empty schedule telling otherwise. This ain’t by purpose.

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