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The International Nothing (… and something) @ ausland

You might not know this, but first time we came together with Eric Schaefer (Berlin, drums) and Christian Weber (Zürich, doublebass) was already in 2006. Back then we met for a week of rehearsals, developed three compositions together and performed them right away at the Labor Sonor series in Berlin. We always wanted to continue this promising project, but for →

Little Swiss tour at the end of the year

Our short swiss tour brought us to Zürich, Bern and Biel, and the first two concerts left some mixed feelings to put it politely, but he final station of our round trip brought us to Biel and this weird and marvellous gallery called lokal-int. The floor was covered with slowly rotting leaves. It smelled like an autumn forest. The atmosphere →

Komponistenforum Mittersill

Mittersill is a little village in the Tyrolean mountains. It's kind of famous in the new music world for being the place where Anton Webern got shot dead. For some years now the Kofomi, a meeting of composer and performers, is situated in this beautiful surrounding. Working in a workshop situation on music, having lectures and concerts and spending a →

The Magic I.D. – I’m So Awake / Sleepless I Feel is out now!

Do you know the chocolate side of Michael and Kai already? It's the experimental pop band called The Magic I.D. with Margareth Kammerer und Christof Kurzmann. Our 2nd album has been just released on Staubgold Records on CD, Vinyl and as a download. Cover art by Jimmy Draht and Stefan Haupt

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Nothing (But Were Afraid To Ask)

On Sunday afternoon we presented our work at Christopher William's and Chris Heenan's Certain Sundays series at the charming Sowieso in Neukölln. Our hosts Christopher and Chris