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The Still covers The International Nothing

Last night we were involved in the special series Sound Of The Second Hand Clapping of Labor Sonor. The Still - which are Rico Repotente on electric guitar, Derek Shirley on doublebass and Steve Heather on drums - covered two pieces of The International Nothing (Amongst Dissidents and Crystal Clear Fog), while we played the originals. At the end we →

Recordings for 3rd album done

After 4 years of working on new pieces and their smooth performances we finally caught everything on tape respectively harddrive. Between September 19th and 22nd we recorded six compositions to make up for the forthcoming yet untitled 3rd album. Again we recorded at our dear 2nd living room ausland with a similar set up as for the Less Action, Less →

Composing for 3rd album done

After 3 1/2 years we are done ... again ... and for the 3rd time. Today we finished our yet untitled 16th composition. It's also the 6th and final duo composition for our forthcoming third album. For the next few monthes this means practising, practising, practising. Some of the new pieces have been played already a couple of times in →