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The International Nothing


Film sneak preview of dieb13’s “In Trout We Dust” in Vienna

Today we celebrated the finishing of dieb13’s movie portrait In Trout We Dust about The Nothin’ with a little unofficial sneak preview screening at echoraum, Vienna. The official premiere should follow soon at some film festival. Dieter followed us during the recordings of the “In Doubt We Trust” album, the premiere performance, a tour in France and Switzerland and the reunion concert of The International Nothing (… and something).

The Nothin’ opened the joyful evening with the Austrian premiere performance of In Doubt We Trust. The combination of concert and movie screening seemed to have work very well. So, we might do this at some other places in the future.

Info & trailer “In Trout We Dust”:

Nothing in Brazil

Thanks, Goethe! Sometimes life ain’t too bad for our desperate clarinet heros. The Nothin’ made it for the first time into the southern spheres of this planet. First time South America. First time Brazil.

When greyness and coldness hit Berlin the psycho twins pressed the escape button and flew out first to Sao Paulo, from there to Recife and then as the final station of their trip to Rio de Janeiro. Needless to say that passionate temperament of the Brazilians and the emotional clarinet sounds of The Nothin’ makes up for the perfect fit.

Many many thanks to Thiago and Gabriel in Sao Paulo, Yuri in Recife, Chico and his Novas Frequencias crew in Sao Paulo and the Goethe Institut! We had 10 fantastic days down there.

In Doubt We Trust record release concert in Berlin

Slightly delayed we went for our traditional record release concert at our 2nd home (and recording place of our albums) ausland. As the tradition goes Bockwurst and fine Whiskys have been served and DJ Ekkehard Ehlers made the crowd swing their legs after some delicate listening pleasures.

As you have seen Thieke and Fagischefsky here more then enough below on the photo displayed are Sabine Ercklentz (trumpet) and Tisha Mukarji (piano), who opened the night with a beautiful and subtle duo set.

Photo by Thieke

Reunion concert of The International Nothing (…and something)

photo (is a still from a video recording) by dieb13

The last concert of the very fine quartet was held in December 2011 (a day before the album recordings) in Berlin. For many years we tried to convince organizers world wide that this isn’t rubbish. We failed completely.

Now seven year later we set up a home town show and very delayed record release concert ourselves. After two days in jail in Michael’s old rehearsal cell we pulled off quite a beautiful concert and thought what a shame that this doesn’t happen more often. The seven composition from The Power Of Negative Thinking aged well. In case this was the last concert of this extended version of The Nothin’ it ended on a high note.

We also invited our brothers in crime Streifenjunko from Oslo to open the night with their new program … like driving.

dieb13 catched the event on camera and interviewed our rhythm section for the forthcoming documentary movie In Trout We Dust.

Doubtful informations have been finally carved in vinyl.

We cheerfully announce that finally the vinyl version of our new album In Doubt We Trust is available. Due to the special challenges that our music presents to the needle-read format we had to make a little detour, but the final record is a sonic and optical item of pleasure thanks to Mr. Krieger’s (SST, Frankfurt) vinyl cut and tanabemse’s much praised artwork.

Please now purchase the record on our Bandcamp site.

Soon the LP should be also available at the Ftarri Store (Tokyo) and we might ask some of the few regular distributors if they want to sell some copies as well.

Surveillance cameras of the German secret service caught the delivery of the records. The guy with the pony tail is the anonymous delivery guy. The guy in blue suede short is the right channel clarinet player of The Nothin’.

In Doubt We Trust will be out on February 18th, 2018

Dear believers in nothing, our fourth, respectively fifth (however you count them) album In Doubt We Trust will be out on February 18th. Well, the CD version will be out. The LP will follow with some delay.

Check here:

Will be soon available at: Japan Improv (Japan) | Erstdist (US) | Metamkine (Europe)